Idaho State Horse Show Association

What's the scoop on Spring Double Point??

APHA High Point Yearling - Timing The Impulse - Zane Charters High Point, Gotta Starlight Dream - Kari Points,  Reserve. 
APHA SPB Ranch Horse - No Qualifiers
APHA Amateur Ranch Horse - Wanna Smoke - Rylene Nowlin High Point
Im Too Fancy To Miss, Joanna Hanson Reserve.
APHA Opn Ranch Horse - Sonnys Tuff Pistol, Katy Ceccerali - High Point 
Zip Oh Licious - Kyle Nauman Reserve.  
APHA Youth Ranch Horse - No Qualifiers.  
ISHSA Green Ranch Horse - Jsgunsmoke olena - Tim Phillips -High Point 
Big Daddys Gunsmoke - Reserve
ISHSA Amateur Ranch Horse - Pepo Chick - Matt Livingood - High Point
Steady Sailin - Todd Gallup - Reserve
ISHSA Open Ranch Horse - Freckles and King - Tami McClure - High Point 
Shine and Spark - Cindy Clark Reserve 
ISHSA W/T Ranch Horse - Ima Smokin Hot Toddie - Bonnie Camp High Point
Got Hot - Stacy Harvey Reserve
ISHSA Youth Ranch Horse - WhizzesRLucky - Lissie Shaber High Point
Kittys Arista Cat - Campbell - Reserve
Overall ISHSA Ranch Horse - Freckles and King - Tami McClure

APHA Youth W/T - A True Gentleman - Burklee Wood Hi PT
APHA Open Horse - Zip Oh Licious - Kyle Nauman Hi Pt 
Spot Ones Only - Tim Phillips Reserve
APHA Amateur - Letsgetreadytoparte Chelby Proctor Hi Pt
Im Too Fancy To Miss - Joanna Hanson Reserve
APHA Novice Amateur - Caliente Jet, Marci Kurtz Hi Pt 
JZA Showing For Gold - Kathy Mezin Reserve
APHA Amateur W/T - Im for Pleasure Only, Nancy Ewald Hi Pt 
Ima Smokin Hot Toddie - Bonnie Camp Reserve
APHA Novice Youth - Mark My Fancy, Abigail Hall Hi Pt 
Feels So Good, Jamie Dorman Reserve
APHA 18 Under - Mark My Fancy, Abigail Hall Hi Pt 
Feels So Good, Jamie Dorman Reserve
APHA SPB - No Qualifiers
APHA Youth W/T - A True Gentleman - Burklee Wood Hi Pt
Feels So Good - Hunter Reserve
Gymkhana - Howdy, Edith Gerrard Hi Pt, Montana's Dun It - Jim Simpson Reserve
Large Cart - Standun In The Shade - Jamie Robbins Hi Pt
Small Cart - Royalty's Wild Dream - Valerie Marshall Hi Pt
SP Dressed With A Splash of Elegance - Amy Humphreys, Reserve
In Hand Horse - Flame Dancer - Tami Turpin Hi Pt
SS Oracles Black Beauty - Donna Bernardelli Reserve
Reining - Montanas Little Lena - Jim Simpson Hi Pt
WhizzesRLucky - Lissie Shaber Reserve
W/T Limited - Ima Smokin Hot Toddie - Bonnie Camp Hi Pt
Candylicious - Ami Myers Reserve
11 Under W/T - Lucky Asset - Autumn Burton Hi Pt
A True Gentleman - Burklee Wood Reserve 
High Point Quarter Horse - Krymsun and Clover - Kaycee Thompson Hi Pt
Good and Quiet - Brianne Charters Reserve
Bridlless - Mark My Fancy - Anigall Hall Hi Pt 
Feels So Good, Jamie Dorman Reserve
19 - 49 - Coin Machine - Crissy Weiser Hi Pt, 
IBA Sweet Talkin Zip - Bailey Frings Reserve
14 - 18 - Make It A Double Plz, Asia Reich Hi Pt
Univited Julie Caven Reserve
50 & Over - PDF Zippen to the Art - Karen Frings Hi Pt
Hand Me A Hunter, Karla Post Reserve
02/19/19- DOUBLE POINT NEWS: The Ranch Day show bill has been updated again! We have added APHA Ranch Rail Classes.

If you have purchased permanent numbers and requested a set of laminated ones, they will be available for pick up Friday at Double Point in the show office.

02/13/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: ATTENTION EXHIBITORS we have made a change to the Spring Double Point Ranch Horse Day show bill. Due to an oversight, we are not allowed to offer APHA yearling lounge line until after May 15th. That being said, we have changed them to all breed yearling classes. These will be open to anyone that has a yearling they would like to show. We will offer an open class and a class strictly for amateur exhibitors. Our APHA exhibitors will still earn IPHC points for year end awards but will not earn APHA points.

02/09/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: Both Ranch Day and Spring Double Point show bills have been approved and are now up on the website! Go take a look!!

01/23/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: Ranch Day show bill was updated. Please see that APHA HUS and Western Pleasure have been removed. Ranch Reining has been added. 

01/17/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: Stall reservations for Double Point open up at 9am on Thursday, January 24th!!

01/08/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: Ranch day show bill is now up on the website along with the on-line entry link. (Check out the "Show Bills and Show Info" tab to the left of this page) Ranch day offers APHA and ISHSA classes!  

12/14/18 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: 
Dates for the Spring Double Point are April 5-7th. We will have APHA classes available. We have revamped the show bill and have added a few classes such as youth small cart pleasure driving and taken away a few classes that have proven to have low exhibitor numbers. Show bill will be posted as soon as it is finalized.