Idaho State Horse Show Association

Whats the news for ISHSA?

(Please check calendar for dates of events)
(may change due to current state regulations at the time)
June 20th, PNQHA, Mountain View Arena
July 25th, Phantasy Phun, Al Birt Arena
September 5th, Treasure Valley Open Show, Al Birt Arena
September 6th, IjPHC Open Show, Al Birt Arena
September 19th, IMHC Open Show, Al Birt Arena
September 25th to 27th, Fall Double Point, High Desert Station
All ISHSA approved shows will be asked to strictly follow our COVID-19 protocols linked below.


10/16/19 - Please get your nominations in for ISHSA executive board positions. All positions are up for re-election. Please send nominations to Anne Gahley.

07/18/19 - August 1st is the last day to get rule proposals in. Please send them to John Lindley at

05/30/19 - The Poor Boy Enterprise Shows will be doing a circuit award! The Qualifying shows are June 15th (the first Poor Boy Enterprise Show), June 16th (the ISHSA Fall Double Point Fundraiser), June 29th (the Phantasy Phun Show), and July 27th (the last Poor Boy Enterprise Show). There will be high point awards at the June 15th, June 29th, and July 27th shows. Circuit awards will be awarded at the July 27th show.

02/19/19- DOUBLE POINT NEWS: The Ranch Day show bill has been updated again! We have added APHA Ranch Rail Classes.

If you have purchased permanent numbers and requested a set of laminated ones, they will be available for pick up Friday at Double Point in the show office.

02/16/19 - We will be having another meeting on March 2nd to continue going over declarations and versatility awards and to do a pre-finalization before the changes are presented to the club. The meeting will be held at Deneen's house at 3pm and all are welcome to attend.

02/13/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWSATTENTION EXHIBITORS we have made a change to the Spring Double Point Ranch Horse Day show bill. Due to an oversight, we are not allowed to offer APHA yearling lounge line until after May 15th. That being said, we have changed them to all breed yearling classes. These will be open to anyone that has a yearling they would like to show. We will offer an open class and a class strictly for amateur exhibitors. Our APHA exhibitors will still earn IPHC points for year end awards but will not earn APHA points.

02/10/19 - Thank you to everyone who came to the banquet last night and helped support our club. Our silent auction was a huge success and we could not have done it without everyone's donations. Huge shout out to our awards and banquet committee members, they put countless hours into creating custom certificates, planning the venue and accommodations, ordering awards, planning decorations, and coming up with the menu and cooking all the food. Without them there would be no banquet. Congratulations to all the award recipients! We look forward to another successful ISHSA show year!

02/09/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: Both Ranch Day and Spring Double Point show bills have been approved and are now up on the website! Go take a look!!

01/30/19 - Please be advised that Friday February 1st is the last day to buy banquet tickets. Please make checks payable to ISHSA and send checks to Deneen Phillips at 13474 Galloway Rd, Caldwell Idaho, 83607

01/23/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: Ranch Day show bill was updated. Please see that APHA HUS and Western Pleasure have been removed. Ranch Reining has been added. 

01/17/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: Stall reservations for Double Point open up at 9am on Thursday, January 24th!!

01/16/19 - There will be a small meeting February 16th at 3pm at Deneen's address to go over the declarations and versatility awards and make a few changes to make it more cost effective for the club while making sure everyone gets recognized for their hard work and dedication. 

01/08/19 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: Ranch day show bill is now up on the website along with the on-line entry link. (Check out the "Show Bills and Show Info" tab to the left of this page) Ranch day offers APHA and ISHSA classes!  

01/04/19 - Be sure to apply for your permanent number! It is first come, first serve so snag it now before someone else does! (We will do our best to "hold" a number for someone if they had it the previous year until March 30th). No 600 or 800 numbers are available for purchase.

12/31/18 - Please send pictures of this years activities to Pam White at to be included in the slide show at the year end banquet. These are due to Pam no later than February 1st!!!

12/14/18 - DOUBLE POINT NEWS: Dates for the Spring Double Point are April 5-7th. We will have APHA classes available. We have revamped the show bill and have added a few classes such as youth small cart pleasure driving and taken away a few classes that have proven to have low exhibitor numbers. Show bill will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

12/12/18 - Banquet will be held February 9th at the Centennial Baptist School located at 3610 E. Ustick Rd, Caldwell, ID 83605. Doors will open at 530pm. Tickets are $12 for those 11 and older and $5 for kids 10 and under. Tickets can be purchased from Deneen Phillips (208) 880-1319. Please bring a silent auction item. Proceeds will go towards the club.