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The next ISHSA general membership meeting will be Wednesday, December 7 at the Canyon Creek restaurant located on the Shilo Inn property (1401 Shilo Drive, Nampa).  The meeting will begin at 7:30pm.  All are welcome.  Come early and enjoy a great meal and friends!!  

Election ballots will be mailed Nov. 4.  Please have them returned by Nov. 28 so they can be counted at the December general membership meeting.  You can also hand deliver them at the beginning of the December meeting.

The Idaho Horse Park is doing a RAISE THE ROOF project to replace the coverall with a covered arena: 106’ x 260’. A coffee can labeled for that purpose will be at every show. Any additional donations can be mailed to Mary Simpson with a specific label for the ‘Raise the Roof’ project. ISHSA goal is for two tiles. Each tile costs $300.00.

The award declaration forms have been added to the "Forms" page. Please remember that declaring for and receiving ISHSA awards is a privilege, not a right.  It is the exhibitor's responsibility to do the following:

  1. complete and turn in the appropriate declarations
  2. check the website to confirm the declarations were received and properly entered into the points system
  3. check the points throughout the year for accuracy

The Idaho State Horse Show Association was organized January, 1980 and incorporated in Gem County, State of Idaho, as a non-profit organization to promote the showing and care of all equine—horse, mule, donkey, and pony breeds and also to organize various clubs or shows into one group for the purpose of establishing set rules and standards, and a fair and just point system based on the actual performance of horse or rider.

  • Promote the education  of the people of Idaho in the development of horses and horsemanship. Encourage good sportsmanship and proper conduct among equestrians and to foster good fellowship among all persons interested in equines.  For purposes of this organization the term equine will include all horse, mule, donkey and pony breeds.
  • Encourage proper and humane handling and care of equine.
  • Prevent cruelty to all animals.
  • Establish and maintain an open, all breed equine show circuit.
  • This association shall be a non-profit organization.
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